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5 Reasons You May Develop a Stronger Connection to Your Business Systems

Our reliance on apps has become second nature, but we’re still used to seeing technology as just a tool. Natural...

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How NLP Technology Is Redefining Development Agility

In the space between the developer and the user lies the GUI (graphical user interface). Once considered essential...

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ASUG Oklahoma City Chapter Meeting: The Future of Virtual Assistants and Bots for SAP

Attention Oklahoma City ASUG members!

Join Sam Lakkundi, SVP & CIO, Kore.ai Inc., on Thursday, April 21 at the ...

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Kore.ai Talks Bots & Virtual Assistants on SAP Radio

Virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa are already changing the way we live, but now they're poised to change the...

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Florida ASUG: Bots and Virtual Assistants for SAP

Attention Florida ASUG members!

Join Sam Lakkundi, SVP & CIO, Kore.ai Inc., on Friday, March 18 at the Altamonte...

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