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Kore.ai Virtual Assistant Platform Release 8.0 - Yet another giant leap in conversational AI

Listen on the go! Technologies like AI and automation are the backbone of the fourth industrial revolution. They aim to augment our...
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5 Ways in which 5G can Revolutionize Customer Experience for Europe

Listen on the go! The next generation of mobile wireless technology, popularly known as 5G, will represent a quantum leap from today's...
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What Banks Need to Know to Make Millennials Do More Business With Them

Do you know what Millennial customers really want from their bank?
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Traditional Banks can Challenge Fintech Firms with Conversational AI

Listen on the go! Almost 90% of incumbent financial institutions believe that part of their business will be lost to standalone fintech...
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Top Intelligent Virtual Assistant Statistics to follow in 2020

Apart from being a rather confusing year, 2020 a decade since the Google Assistant came to exist as an application, which was later incorporated...
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How Digital Assistance Can Resolve Agent Interaction Challenges

Rising consumer expectations is making it difficult for customer service agents to deliver an outstanding experience, despite a quality...
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Call Automation & Digital Deflection Solution for Healthcare Contact Centers

This is an interesting point in time when we all use or hear these lines on a daily basis :
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Five Ways Virtual Assistants Can Support Contact Centers in Europe

Listen on the go! Europe is the biggest market that outsources contact centers following North America. It occupied a market share of 25.05% in...
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Why a Low-code/No-code Platform is Ideal for Driving Greater Adoption of Virtual Assistants

Listen on the go! Last month, Amazon launched Honeycode a no-code/low-code platform to develop apps. While Google and Microsoft had already...
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Why It’s Time to Make Virtual Assistants Part of Every Business Solution

Listen on the go! Artificial intelligence (AI) has become, for many of us, an integral part of our daily lives, and over the years brought...
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