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How Contact Centers are Improving CSAT Scores while Reducing Service Costs with AI

Improving customer satisfaction sounds like it would be an easy task - you just need to make every customer on every...

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Kore.ai XO Platform Release v9.3 - Minimizes Operational Efforts & Presents Greater Insights.

In this experience-driven world, everything boils down to satisfying customer needs at the right time and in the right...

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Conversational AI - Optimize Customer and Employee Experiences Like Never Before

Let’s start with the basics. What is Conversational AI? Conversational AI is a set of technologies that enables...

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Get closer to your Korean audience with the latest Kore.ai NLU Model

Today's businesses do not confine themselves to one location or demographic. They could potentially acquire customers...

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Kore.ai: A Look Back at 2021

Happy New Year!

While the world in 2021 was still reeling and recovering from COVID-19, enterprises of all sizes across...

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Experience the most natural way of designing complex human conversations and building virtual assistants

Have you ever interacted with a virtual assistant? How did the conversation flow? Was it natural or did it seem...

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