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Conversational IVR is not your typical phone menu, know how

Listen on the go! Key takeaways from PostFinance’s Conversational IVR deployment on how to create an intelligent voice assistant for a large...
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A Practitioner's Guide to Conversational AI Technology

Listen on the go! The what, why, when, which, where and how of conversational AI technology Table of Contents:
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Kore.ai Virtual Assistant Platform Release 8.0 - Yet another giant leap in conversational AI

Listen on the go! Technologies like AI and automation are the backbone of the fourth industrial revolution. They aim to augment our...
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5 Ways in which 5G can Revolutionize Customer Experience for Europe

Listen on the go! The next generation of mobile wireless technology, popularly known as 5G, will represent a quantum leap from today's...
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What Banks Need to Know to Make Millennials Do More Business With Them

Do you know what Millennial customers really want from their bank?
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Manage Enterprise Knowledge Repository Scientifically and Retrieve Information Conversationally

Do you have a personal enterprise knowledge repository? How do you access your enterprise/team knowledge base? Do you need a tool to save/share...
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Traditional Banks can Challenge Fintech Firms with Conversational AI

Listen on the go! Almost 90% of incumbent financial institutions believe that part of their business will be lost to standalone fintech...
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Top Intelligent Virtual Assistant Statistics to follow in 2020

Apart from being a rather confusing year, 2020 a decade since the Google Assistant came to exist as an application, which was later incorporated...
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How Digital Assistance Can Resolve Agent Interaction Challenges

Rising consumer expectations is making it difficult for customer service agents to deliver an outstanding experience, despite a quality...
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Call Automation & Digital Deflection Solution for Healthcare Contact Centers

This is an interesting point in time when we all use or hear these lines on a daily basis :
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