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The Salesforce and Kore.ai Integration

In today's digital world, we use numerous applications to accomplish our day-to-day professional tasks. Digitization has enabled easy access to these applications by allowing us to use them anywhere and anytime. Adding a conversational AI layer to these applications makes them more intuitive.

Conversational AI virtual assistants deployed on apps allow users to access applications conversationally, i.e., simple voice and text commands, easing struggle with complicated app UI. For instance, say, pull the forecast report for Q4 2022. And boom, the IVA will process the request and present the information instantly.

This blog discusses how we can use Salesforce tools conversationally by leveraging the prebuilt connectors offered by the Kore.ai XO Platform. So, let’s dive in!

Kore.ai XO Platform Guide

The Kore.ai XO Platform and Salesforce Connector

Imagine performing critical Salesforce tasks guided by intelligent virtual assistants. Wouldn’t that be effortless, efficient, and time-saving? Well, the Kore.ai XO Platform and Salesforce Connector let you do so! This connector is a plug-n-play connector to integrate and build conversational virtual assistants for Salesforce solutions. 

About the Connector:

The Kore.ai XO Platform and Salesforce Connector come with numerous customizable pre-built workflows for critical activities (like creating or deleting a lead, updating the contact, managing an account, and more), reducing significant efforts on your organization’s development team. The no-code interface makes it easy to customize the workflows to meet your organizational goals and map the data fields between the XO Platform and Salesforce.

Interestingly, you can deploy the virtual assistant on 35+ channels, which means you can access Salesforce data on channels like Slack, MS Teams, G Chat, and others conversationally. To access the Kore.ai XO Platform Connector, check out Salesforce AppExchange.


Benefits of Kore.ai XO Platform and Salesforce Connector:

  • Faster time-to-market with prebuilt workflows
  • Greater convenience with multilingual support (100+ languages) 
  • Improved end-user experiences with conversational interface and Voice AI
  • Better accessibility on different channels 24X7
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The Kore.ai AgentAssist and Salesforce Service Cloud Connector

Kore.ai's AgentAssist improves contact center agents' productivity by automating manual tasks and helping with relevant information. With Kore.ai's AgentAssist and Salesforce Service Cloud integration, the contact center agents using Salesforce CRM get to deliver the best customer support with more personalized responses. This not only helps in improving the customer experience but also the agent productivity at the contact center.

About the Connector:

AgentAssist in Service Cloud creates a unified agent and digital channel experience to deliver faster, smarter, and more personalized responses to customer requests. Here’s how - AgentAssist analyzes customer-agent conversations and provides the right information and next steps, empowering agents to solve customer issues faster. 

It reduces average handle times and delivers a seamless customer experience. So, the agents would be able to spend the majority of their time focusing on complex problem-solving tasks that translate into meaningful and rewarding outcomes. To access the Kore.ai AgentAssist and Salesforce Service Cloud Connector, check out the Salesforce AppExchange

Benefits of AgentAssist for Salesforce Service Cloud:

  • Better service with complete visibility into the customer data 
  • Real-time, AI-driven insights
  • Improved agent productivity with AI advice on responses and the next best action as the conversation progresses
  • Higher customer satisfaction with task automation 
  • Reduced average call handle times (AHT)
  • Increased call containment rate
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Unleash the Best Experience of using Salesforce with Kore.ai

Businesses, today, are challenged to rethink how they deliver a seamless experience to their user and achieve a competitive advantage. The Kore.ai product’s integration with Salesforce gives you that extra edge as the intelligent virtual assistants let your employees accomplish their Salesforce tasks efficiently and empower the agents to deliver better customer experience. So, wait no more - check out the Salesforce and Kore.ai integration to achieve all your business goals!

If you need to learn more about how Kore.ai can enhance your organization’s use of Salesforce, reach out at hello@kore.com, and we’d serve you with the most helpful information.

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