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Raghunandan Yerram

Raghunandan Yerram
Raghunandan Yerram is a techno-marketer who specializes in Product Marketing, Sales enablement & GTM Strategy. He comes with a rich experience of working in different size organizations and understanding the market dynamics. He is an active volunteer at ProductCamp Hyderabad and Ambassador at Product Marketing Alliance.

Recent Posts

Kore.ai XO Platform Release v9.3 - Minimizes Operational Efforts & Presents Greater Insights.

In this experience-driven world, everything boils down to satisfying customer needs at the right time and in the right...

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Conversational AI - Optimize Customer and Employee Experiences Like Never Before

Let’s start with the basics. What is Conversational AI? Conversational AI is a set of technologies that enables...

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Get closer to your Korean audience with the latest Kore.ai NLU Model

Today's businesses do not confine themselves to one location or demographic. They could potentially acquire customers...

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Experience the most natural way of designing complex human conversations and building virtual assistants

Have you ever interacted with a virtual assistant? How did the conversation flow? Was it natural or did it seem...

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Manage Enterprise Knowledge Repository Scientifically and Retrieve Information Conversationally

Do you have a personal enterprise knowledge repository? How do you access your enterprise/team knowledge base? Do you...

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