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Raghunandan Yerram

Raghunandan Yerram
Raghunandan Yerram is a techno-marketer who specializes in Product Marketing, Sales enablement & GTM Strategy. He comes with a rich experience of working in different size organizations and understanding the market dynamics. He is an active volunteer at ProductCamp Hyderabad and Ambassador at Product Marketing Alliance.

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UI Innovation: Tracing its Journey From First Computers to Virtual Assistants

Do you recall Tony Stark from the Marvel series? As Iron Man, Tony uses his Mark III suit to save mankind. On a single...

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How Small Talk Delivers a Great Deal by Elevating Chatbot Experience

Recent market trends suggest that Conversational Chatbots/Virtual Assistants are outbeating traditional rule-based...

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Emergence of Enterprise Virtual Assistant

Last week, over a coffee I met John, a fellow Team Lead whose team is building an enterprise product using cutting-edge...

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8 Creative Ways to Make Your Chatbot Stand Out from the Crowd

Joseph Weizenbaum was a pioneer on many counts. True, he was the genius who demonstrated that you could build software...

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