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You Deserve Better! Can’t Hire a Personal Assistant? Instead, Get Kora to Manage Your Meetings

AI-powered Enterprise Virtual Assistant Helps Employees Optimize Productivity in These Troubled Times

In this age of Work at Home (WAH), we are spending a lot of time attending online meetings or connecting with our colleagues virtually. Presumably, a manager-level employee would attend 2-4 online meetings a day, and the count may even spike to 6-8 in the case of leaders. In today's interconnected world, the teams are working from different geographies and varying time zones. It implies one has to attend the meetings even in odd hours - while commuting or late out of the working hours. 

If attending meetings itself is a big challenge, then managing meetings - involving coordination with different stakeholders across the teams and organizations from varying time zones and bringing them on common ground - is undoubtedly an uphill task.

Does it have to be like that?

A wise man once said,

"Technology has solutions to every challenge; it’s just that we need to leverage it wisely."

Well, we took this sage advice to heart and built something interesting!

Kora, a virtual assistant for every employee, offers extensive Meeting Management capabilities as an out-of-the-box skill. She binds together conversational UI and digital UX to provide an unparalleled experience to every employee. 

Meeting Management Capabilities

Kora acts like a personal assistant, helping employees schedule, reschedule, update, or cancel meetings, identify mutual time slots, take meeting notes, and share the notes and tasks with other attendees using a simple conversational interface.

Let us now dig a little deeper to get to the heart of the Kora Meeting Management.

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Schedule meetings

Convenience is king! Kora provides greater comfort to its users in every aspect. Cut short the steps needed in scheduling a single meeting. All you need to do is to share the title, attendee details, and timing, that's it. Kora will handle the rest and schedule the meeting on your behalf.  

She understands your world and prompts relevant contacts from your list based on the context of the meeting. Don't forget Kora supports voice commands. Just talk to her, and off she goes. 

“Schedule a meeting with Joyce, Annie, brian@kites.com tomorrow at 10:00 AM regarding Review of KPIs & Discussion.”

Identify mutual time slots

Most of us are occupied with more than one meeting every single day. For those who are scheduling a meeting, it is tiresome to check the commonly available timeline and to gain everyone's consent. To achieve this, one has to play an email ping-pong with alternate timeslots. 

Not anymore with Kora. The intelligent virtual assistant scrolls through all the available calendars to identify the mutually available time slots. Users can quickly select the timing and schedule the meeting within Kora.

Mutual Time Slots

Cancel and Reschedule Meetings

How many times did this happen to you? You went ahead after speaking to all stakeholders, but the scheduled meeting has to be canceled or rescheduled due to x,y,z reasons? At least, this happened to me many times. Whatever be the reason the cancellation/reschedule of meetings is time-consuming and frustrating. 

Let these mundane tasks be taken care of by Kora. Ask Kora to reschedule a meeting with the revised date and time, and she will look for new mutually available time slots to schedule the meeting. Or, if needed, tell her toCancel the meeting.

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Add, Remove and Remind Attendees

The meeting agenda might change from time-to-time, then this reflects on the participants as well it may need to require inclusion or exclusion of participants on a need basis. To perform these changes, you will not open the calendar but inform Kora.

The meeting organizer can converse with Kora to effortlessly add or remove invitees to the meeting. Say “Add invitee.” Kora lists down the upcoming events, select the meeting and add the participant. Kora also helps keep attendees on schedule by reminding them about upcoming meetings along with details.

Add & Rescedule.002

Get your Meeting Email

To further simplify your meeting scheduling process, Kora offers a scheduler email. Configure the email and customize it to make it unique. It looks like schedule@username.kora.ai.

All you need to do is to loop the email address in the meeting conversation email. Kora understands the context and schedules the meeting accordingly.

Join Meetings through Kora

While setting up the meeting, the user need not always mention the joining details. Kora allows you to add the meeting information, and this will be used as the default meeting type unless the user changes the meeting information explicitly. 

At the time of the meeting, many of us start searching for the meeting details or the meeting URL. If it is a mobile, we swipe the front and back to find the necessary app to join the meeting. Kora share sends a reminder at the time of meeting and provision for users to join the meeting directly.

Take Meeting Notes

Every meeting involves multiple stakeholders and many discussion points. Most of the time, we are so involved in the conversations we forget to take notes and lose track later. 

Kora provisions you to take note during the meeting, share it with other attendees or employees, and assign & track tasks. The user can also save the notes as a piece of knowledge within Kora and can easily retrieve it as and when needed. Kora, get me the notes from last week’s ABM meeting.”


Meeting Management

With these intelligent capabilities, Kora is truly redefining the workplace and empowering the employees with the power of AI and NLP. It is high time enterprises explore the potential of these next-gen technologies and make them available to their employees.

Explore more intriguing capabilities of Kora.

Kora, the virtual assistant for every employee, offers an extensive AI-powered meeting management tool to simplify the meeting setup process conversationally.

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