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Emergence of Enterprise Virtual Assistant

Last week, over a coffee I met John, a fellow Team Lead whose team is building an enterprise product using cutting edge technologies. Most of the time John has critical product release deadlines to meet and he needs to collaborate with design, dev, testing, and release management teams. He works on stringent timelines and is always on a hustle to meet deadlines, and simultaneously not compromising on the output. 

John didn’t seem very happy with the way his work and the day was moving. No matter how well he plans, one-third of his day goes into unproductive tasks, (according to John) what he calls “draggers”. These draggers are - 

  • To set up one meeting he has to play an email ping-pong to identify the common timeline with the stakeholders.
  • Any change in the meeting slot, will surely consume the fortune of his valuable time
  • Assign tasks to the team and monitoring their progress requires huge efforts
  • Sharing files with the teammates via email is hampering the time & collaboration.
  • For him, to search for a file or folder within the system is a never-ending mission
  • On a timely basis, he has to shuffle between multiple Enterprise Applications to get a single task executed. (In a few enterprises, no.of application count varies between 30-50) 

On the other hand, John was very excited to see how C-Level Executives are supported by a personal assistant to take care of their mundane activities and was wishing how he would love to have one. But alas, who is going to spare a personal assistant for a team lead like him? 

You know what, John’s story was mine too! 

I reflected on how an Executive Assistant makes work life easy for these C-Level Executives - 

C-Level Exe: Hey EA, how is my calendar looking today?

PA: You have 3 meetings lined up today

1130Hrs to 1230Hrs - Meeting with ABC Investors to discuss...

1400Hrs to 1600Hrs - Meeting with Product Development team regarding….

1630Hrs to 1730Hrs - Meeting with CPO to discuss ….

C-Level Exe: Sounds good, can you please push the meeting with CPO at 1800 Hrs?

PA: Sure, I will check for the availability of stakeholders and reschedule the meeting.

C-Level Exe: Thanks, also create a task for Swan to send the updated project report latest tomorrow before 1100Hrs

PA: Noted

C-Level Exe: Do I have any pending tasks for today?

PA: No, you do not have any pending tasks.

C-Level Exe: That’s good 

From the above conversation, we can infer that C-Level Executives are assisted with Personal Assistants and take care of all other operational activities, so that they work only on important tasks that generate value and business to the organization. This will increase their productivity & efficiency. 

Now, just imagine! If every employee within the organization is provided with a Personal Assistant, what will be the impact on the organization? He/she can assign all the trivial tasks to the assistants and can concentrate on the work that matters the most. Personal Assistants can take care of scheduling or changing meetings, talking to the portals to apply/approve leaves, search for the files, etc. Doesn’t it sound wonderful! I wish I was also given a Personal Assistant so that I can achieve better productivity. 

Just think is it possible to provide a Personal Assistant to every Employee. Will it become a financial burden to the organization? How can all these assistants be managed? Well, technology provides the answer to all these questions. Especially with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, people are creating wonders across the tech world. 

Let me introduce you to the Enterprise Virtual Assistant. You can also call them Enterprise Personal Assistant/Enterprise Digital Assistant. EVA is one such tech wonder that is imbibing the power of AI, ML & NLP and is ready to revolutionize the work space. It adds digital flavor to your day-to-day activities. In today’s competitive environment, it is Smart Work that wins over the Hard Work. Enterprise Virtual Assistant is an Intelligent AI-Powered Chatbot that acts as your Virtual Personal Assistant. It allows you to concentrate on the most important activities and enable you to work smartly and deliver the highest productivity. 

As per a report, by 2021, Gartner, Inc. predicts that 25% of digital workers will use a Virtual Employee Assistant (VEA) on a daily basis. This will be up from less than 2% in 2019” 

Enterprise Virtual Assistants are a boon to any organization willing to empower their employees with the power of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. It will act as an interface for your employees in performing all the trivial tasks. It reduces the risk of juggling between hundreds of enterprise applications which is frustrating & time-consuming.

enterprise virtual assistant chatbots

EVAs can be deployed to assist employees with different activities -

  • Setting up a meeting: EVAs can set up a meeting on your behalf at the desired time and location
  • Sending Meeting Invitations: EVAs are intelligent efficient enough to identify the time slots of the invitees and come up with a commonly available slot
  • Search Easily: Search for any folders or files effortlessly
  • Work Collaboratively: Stay in touch with your colleagues 24/7 for a better teamwork
  • Enterprise Integration: Communicate with all the systems with your organization through a single window
  • Task Management: Quickly assign tasks and clear your overdue tasks
  • Save Knowledge: Create your own repository of the topics of your interest
  • Share Info: You can share your repository with your teammates with access control 

As per research performed by CISCO, it was understood that the benefits of implementing Virtual Digital Assistants at the workplace are immense.

Time savings (26%)

Accuracy (21%)

Productivity (19%) 

All these can be achieved with simple human-like conversations or with voice commands. EVAs are efficient enough to understand user requests with just a few simple words. They act as a great companion to employees at the workplace. As technology advances, we can also expect EVAs to perform many more activities that increase their productivity. 

"The Forbes Insights, which surveyed over 350 executives, found that 80 percent of the respondents recognized that their organizations need to begin mastering the art of human/machine collaboration"

It is now high- time for the C-Level executives to embrace the human-machine conversation and implement it to the fullest to the last employee in the organization. This will create a great environment within the organization and empower the employees with futuristic technology at their perusal. 

“A Happy Employee is a Productive Employee”

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