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6 Practical Uses of AI-Powered Chatbots in HR

Author: Anirban Guha

Within the corporate world AI chatbots are becoming commonplace: most businesses are increasingly integrating them into their enterprise systems. A  Forrester survey says that within 5 years, 85% of customer interaction will occur through the use of AI chatbots. 80% of the enterprises' CEOs are planning on spreading their reach with the help of AI.

Introduction of AI, coupled with natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) is likely to be the mainstay of enterprise digitalization strategies of future. This is expected to improve labor efficiency, enhance customer and employee experiences and provide cost-effective solutions.

HR Bots in an Enterprise: A Major Step to Redefine Employee Experience

According to Raleyware CEO George Elfond, with the need to realign corporate training in the light of changing demographics, wide prevalence of mobile technology and distribution of workforce, incorporating AI is a must for efficient training.

This is living way to greater use of HR chatbots. Integration of the HR department with AI has more benefits than users actually think of. Whether it is vacation information, benefits or recruitment, HR chatbots can easily assist the employees throughout. Here is a compilation of the 6 ways in which AI chatbots are delivering fruitful results in the HR department. Take a look.

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1. HR Bots for Staff Recruitment

One of the biggest challenges for the HR department in an enterprise arises during the recruitment of thousands of new employees. The data is so vast, it sometimes becomes extremely tough to keep track of everything. HR chatbots can prove to be really helpful in carrying out the screening process. Moreover, they can also aid in conducting background checks.

2. Onboarding Employees with HR Bots

The ability of bots to interact with software and talk to employees simultaneously can come in handy while conducting the recruitment process.

3. Company Policies and Answering FAQs

There are too many questions to be answered for employees before they join an enterprise. HR bots answer FAQs, thus the physical presence of an HR executive is not mandatory.

4. HR Chatbots for Employee Training

Instead of employees having to sit through and watch long videos and read massive chunks of data, HR chatbots can make the process interactive and interesting. This also results in active participation.

5. Enrollment of the Benefits 

Benefits enrollment is a complicated procedure that can cause a lot of confusion for employees. Bots make it easier for employees to understand the process and gain an idea of the benefits. This makes the entire process less time-consuming.

6. Annual Reviews/ Self-Assessment with HR Bots

About 58% of HR leaders state that the conventional review and assessment process is time-consuming and outdated. By providing updated insights on performance and reviews, they enable employees to bring the best out of their abilities. The constant feedback makes the process even more efficient.

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