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What Kore.ai’s Bots Platform 6.1 Means To Global Enterprises

Author: Anirban Guha

Technologies such as electricity, telecommunications or the Internet have fundamentally changed our civilization so much that today we cannot imagine living without them; similarly chatbots, conversational computing and artificial intelligence too will become an integral part of our lives.

Today, the power of artificial intelligence (AI)-rich chatbots is driving global enterprises to enhance their digital capabilities, unlock efficiencies and simplify work. For more details, check out our latest press release on Bots Platform 6.1.

Lying with an existing messaging platform as interfaces, chatbots deliver an experience that is for real. Today’s bots can read, write, and respond to us in a chat-based interface that makes it possible for us to converse with them just as we do with another person. What’s unique about bots is their ability to converse, what matters is the intelligence behind this conversation.      

That’s why, at Kore.ai, we focus on the future of conversational intelligence rather than the interface itself. Artificial intelligence-powered conversational solutions are bound to see major evolutions in the near future, especially in the following aspects:

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  • Handling conversations with multiple intents: We now know that computers can handle natural language, but they are not yet there when it comes to following normal human conversations that could have multiple meanings or instructions in a single sentence. In bot parlance, this is called multiple intents in a single conversation. Today, when you speak to a bot it needs to understand the ‘intent’ for it to act upon it or generate a response. It goes about the task in a predefined manner once the intent is clear – a top-down approach. But in real life humans hardly communicate that way. We stuff multiple thoughts in a single sentence. For example, it can throw a bot off-balance if, at a single go, you order a cappuccino and want to check if sandwich is available to go along with it.

In other words, today’s bots restrict you to speak to them in the way they can understand. At some stage, they have to evolve to function in the way we want them to. After all, bots are about creating a natural experience that users can trust. Technology needs to evolve to a stage where it can keep people engaged with it.

  • Omni-channel experience: We know millennials are impatient and are susceptible to skim through multiple channels or interfaces at the same time. They may be on phone but can easily shift to email to mobile to messaging within no time, depending on the context. Future generation of consumers may not have a fixed or favorite medium of engagement; everything will depend on his context. The next generation of conversational tools need to be able to integrate with as many channels and platforms as possible.


  • Pervasive intelligence: The real test of a technology’s success is felt in its all pervasiveness. Conversational intelligence will be central feature of any human-to-machine interaction so much so that bots will become an integral layer of any messaging or communication medium. You may not be conscious of a bot anymore, but it’s there somewhere deep inside the system.

It’s precisely because of a precocious understanding of this technology landscape that Kore.ai has taken a platform approach to conversational solutioning. We envisaged a platform with tools to develop chatbots quickly and easily, at scale; deliver a consistent experience over each platform with a build-once/deploy-everywhere model; and be simple enough for business users such as marketers to collaborate with developers to design chatbot solutions for great customer engagement.

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Our latest version, Kore.ai Bots Platform 6.1, incorporates many futuristic elements of conversational computing. In fact, it promises a whole new experience of bot building. It has features for supporting bot-to-bot communication, enabling better natural language processing (NLP), facilitating deeper understanding of bot performance, and delivering greater efficiencies and more intuitive user interface.


The Kore Bots Platform 6.1.0 Features

Universal Bots

Universal bots execute tasks included in any linked bots – which means you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Create one universal bot and add skills your team has already created to it, leaving users satisfied and development teams free to keep moving. The universal bot essentially takes the user’s requests and determines which bot to call to tackle the task at hand, quickly multi-tasking on the person’s behalf.

  • Execute tasks and functions of linked bots
  • Develop faster and bring true scalability to your chatbot strategy
  • Batch test universal bots for quicker optimization before rollout
  • Train universal bots and all linked bots are trained too
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Better Bot Insights

The latest platform demystifies natural language processing by providing a detailed analysis of how user utterances are processed by its NLP engine for better intent identification. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Analysis equips enterprises with actionable insights to train and develop high-performing bots. Users can leverage the NLP Analysis Graph for a pictorial representation of the NLP models at work, shortlisted tasks, confidence scores for each task, matching of bot tasks, and final resolution. In addition, how user defined utterances are classified against each bot task can also be viewed graphically now.

  • Understand how various NLP models work, evaluate Machine Learning (ML) performance, and use this analysis to train bots better, identify user intent, and execute the right tasks.
  • Navigate a bot’s intent recognition and task execution journey with powerful insights
  • Dive deeper to add nuance to natural language understanding
  • Leverage analysis to train high-performing bots

Smart Alerts

Smart Alerts let you send contextually relevant information to users during their bot dialog journey. Depending on the context and trigger, you can manage and terminate notifications that may be of interest to users. Give customers personalized and timely notifications that make sense to them. 

IVR Voice Support

Kore.ai’s IVR integration (channel) allows customers to integrate their IVR application flows with conversational bots built on the platform. This integration allows synchronous or asynchronous https communication with IVR systems to further help customer support. The new channel, at a functional level, helps companies to integrate their existing processes to the conversational bots to deliver better customer communication and faster query resolution.

These features will drive better user experience and will be useful for enterprises and developers derive the benefits of AI-powered chatbots. They are fast catching up so much so that, soon any technology will be useless if you can’t have a conversation with it!!!

Explore in depth other features and enhancements at Bots Platform v6.1 Release Details on Kore.ai's Developer site. 

Stay tuned for a second blog in this series on specific use cases where you can leverage Kore.ai Bots Platform 6.1 for digital transformation of your enterprise business needs.

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