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How Kora Helps You Tide Over COVID-19 Crisis

As the planet struggles to contain the pandemic outburst of a deadly virus called COVID-19, enterprises are having to deal with unprecedented...
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Say No to Infodemic: How Healthcare Virtual Assistant Acts as a Perfect Response Assistant

 Drink warm water as it kills coronavirus in the throat itself before it reaches our lungs
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In the Season of COVID-19 Scare, How HR Virtual Assistants Can Help Bond With Your Workmates Remotely

Listen on the go! The recent COVID-19 outbreak has brought the world to a screeching halt and made things around us so unpredictable. Schools...
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9 Ways Virtual Assistants Can Improve Your Business

Like editors, stage managers, and food hygiene regulators, virtual assistants are at their best when the customer doesn’t know they’re there. Like...
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Virtual Assistants in IVRs: How They Pacify Angry Customers and Improve Customer Satisfaction

Imagine coming home one day after work and noticing the TV you purchased a few days ago has stopped working. You’d planned to watch a World Cup...
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How Small Talk Delivers a Great Deal by Elevating Chatbot Experience

Recent market trends suggest that Conversational Chatbots/Virtual Assistants are outbeating traditional rule-based chatbots. The latter only...
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Why are Banks So Excited About Virtual Assistants

At a time when traditional ways of transacting through banks are gradually paving the way for highly automated, AI-driven workflows, the question...
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Airlines Using Virtual Travel Assistants to Lure Customers, Capture Loyalty

The airlines industry is witnessing increasing adoption of conversational AI by both travelers and enterprise users in daily workflows, signaling...
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How AI-powered Virtual Assistants Make Modern Global Supply Chains More Secure

As supply chains grow more complex, the need also arises for more innovative AI and machine learning tools to help with security risk management....
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Metrics Matter: 5 Vital Indicators to Ascertain your Virtual Assistants are Performing Well

As artificial intelligence (AI) gains a firm footing within the digital landscape, businesses are having to realign their strategies to keep up...
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