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AI is Now Firmly Part of Every Call Center’s Strategy for Growth

Technology has always been an important part of call centers — it can find the next available agent, helps them engage...

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Now, More Than Ever, is Time for Banks to Adopt Conversational AI With Vigour

Banks were already marking digital transformation as a top priority as they faced competition from challenger banks and...

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How To Empower Your Enterprise Automation Strategy, Smartly?

Every business leader is striving to create a digital enterprise that has two technologies to bet on - Digital...

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Deliver Great Customer Service and Reduce Burden on Agents in a Single-Shot with SmartAssist

Customer service and support leaders are not only vocally optimistic about technology for 2020, but they are also...

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How to Scale and Run Customer Service Effectively During Crisis Situations

The most important lesson COVID-19 has taught every business that manages customer service experience in some form or...

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Reimagine Your Contact Center Experience With SmartAssist

It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention. More than any other development in the recent past,...

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Kore.ai Virtual Assistant Platform Release 7.3. We Got What You Asked For!

In the last three to four months the world has seen so much change that people are adapting to new ways of living. ...

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How to Cook Up a ‘Smart’ Virtual Assistant - Learn the Secret Sauce to Success

Banks, hotels, airports and many other businesses had to go through tremendous changes in tech adoption as a result of...

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