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Why Testing Is Critical Before Launching Intelligent Virtual Assistants

Testing intelligent virtual assistants (IVA’s) to iterate and improve the NLU model is a critical step in the virtual...

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Empower Supervisors to Streamline Contact Center Operations and Drive Efficiency

Contact Centers play a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining a positive image for your brand....

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The Future of Virtual Assistant Development: The Rise of Zero-Shot and Few-Shot Learning Models

Keeping up with growing customer expectations is a tough battle for businesses. Customers have no loyalty and one or...

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Benefits Of Adopting a Simplified, AI-Powered Desktop For Contact Center Agents

As a contact center agent, your desktop dashboard is your most important tool for managing your work. If it’s...

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How AI-Powered Digital Associates Transform the Shopping Experience, Drive Personalization, and Reduce Returns

Retail customers now move between physical store locations and online shopping. As a retail store technology leader you...

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ChatGPT Enhances Conversational AI But It’s Not a Business Solution

The world has been captivated by OpenAI's newest Large Language Model(LLM) chatbot, ChatGPT, since it launched in...

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How to Reduce Contact Center Hold Times to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers expect prompt and efficient service when they reach out to a company which can be hindered by long hold-times...

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Simplify Agent Experience and Improve CX using Kore.ai Automation with Zendesk Sunshine Conversations and Messaging

Improving your service team’s customer engagement is easy with intelligent self-service options using Kore.ai...

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How To Train Virtual Assistants On Dialog Intents On The Kore.ai XO Platform

“Dialog intents” for an intelligent virtual assistant or chatbot are predefined actions or goals that a virtual...

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