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      Protecting Banking and Contact Center AI Chatbots from Data Breaches

      In the rapidly changing world where finance and technology intersect, data security has become of utmost importance....

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      Avoid Customer Confusion with Welcome Dialogues and Fallback Experiences for Intelligent Virtual Assistants

      Intelligent virtual assistants can deliver superior experiences for your customers, agents, and contact center...

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      Transforming Patient Care with AI Chatbots in Healthcare

      The days of your local physician making house calls are over. In healthcare, updating technology has been a normal part...

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      Large Language Models for Multilingual AI-Driven Virtual Assistants

      The Kore.ai XO Platform is truly a global and multi-lingual solution. When customers interact with help and support...

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      How AI-Powered Digital Associates Transform the Shopping Experience, Drive Personalization, and Reduce Returns

      Retail customers now move between physical store locations and online shopping. As a retail store technology leader you...

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