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Transforming Patient Care with AI Chatbots in Healthcare

Author: Ed Hill

The days of your local physician making house calls are over. In healthcare, updating technology has been a normal part of how the medical profession works for generations. And there are improvements daily. Many of us have seen one doctor or another via telehealth or an online video call via Zoom or some other provider. What would ‘Old doc’ have to say about that?

In some instances, medical technology has increased the cost of healthcare, though much better outcomes for the patient have been the result. One area that saves both providers and patients a significant amount of time and money is telehealth. Visiting your doctor in a virtual examination room, rather than in the office, is much less expensive than an in-person visit. Physicians can see more patients per day, patients don’t have to travel, and the need for large physical clinic overhead is reduced.

Benefits of Conversational AI for Healthcare Providers

For emergency visits, the benefit of technology is even more apparent. Many people have undergone experiences in an emergency room, potentially with multiple, unpleasant visits. ERs are busy today with long waits, lots of health insurance and other paperwork to fill out, and many frustrated and uncomfortable patients with their loved ones. Technology, again, has come to the rescue. While telehealth visits have reduced some ER and office visits, emergency rooms now can use a remote connection via the Internet to see and triage patients before they even come into the hospital. Sorting through waiting patients and determining which one needs to be seen right away significantly speeds up seeing which patients need critical care first.

Another area of healthcare that frustrates many of us is through making routine inquiries and appointment setting. The legacy IVR phone systems with automated voice-activated menus that never seem to understand what you want are being replaced by conversational AI virtual assistants. 

Intelligent Voice Response (IVA) or Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) chatbots powered by conversational AI offer patients new abilities and insights into their healthcare needs. Medical assistance chatbots help patients refill prescriptions, access their medical records, and schedule doctor appointments. 

Exceeding Patient Expectations with Conversational AI-Powered Healthcare Technology

Customers have always valued service that is friendly, efficient, and dependable. However, elements such as the pandemic, evolving consumer behaviors, and advancements in technology have heightened these expectations even further. 

With conversational AI-powered technology, ​​providers can automate patient-facing interactions including appointment management and symptom suggesting for appointments. They can deliver exceptional patient, caregiver, agent, employee, and consumer experiences through a highly secure, HIPAA-compliant solution, like Kore.ai HealthAssist. Integrating with EHR/EMR and other enterprise systems allow providers to expand functionality for Hospitals, Integrated Delivery Networks, Accountable Care Organizations, Retail HCP/Pharmacy, as well as Ambulatory Acute, Post-Acute, and Telehealth Providers.

How Intelligent Virtual Assistants Drive High-Value Patient Experiences and Cost Savings

Providing extraordinary patient experiences means increasing access to care and improving satisfaction while reducing costs. The National Health Council (NHC) studied and released a range of policy proposals designed to reduce healthcare costs while promoting high-value experiences. Among the recommendations are:

  • Promote high-value care
  • Stimulate research and competition for healthcare products and services
  • Curb costs responsibly
  • Ensure health equity

Intelligent virtual assistants are revolutionizing healthcare by efficiently and responsibly saving costs while providing high-quality care. Their role enhances patient access to care and alleviates the workload of clinicians, sparking innovation in the field. 

How Providers Can Offer Extraordinary Healthcare Experiences 

Kore.ai HealthAssist is trusted by major healthcare organizations around the world.  

With its innovative solutions, it not only improves access to care but also enhances patient/member satisfaction and retention, while facilitating acquisition. HealthAssist is an intelligent, HIPAA-compliant solution that delivers a human-like conversational experience through voice and text interactions with patients, members, caregivers, providers, agents, and consumers across the enterprise.

Kore.ai has combined deep healthcare expertise and its robust experience optimization platform to deliver HealthAssist – an industry-leading approach to automating conversations for healthcare providers, health insurance payers, and life sciences.

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