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Ankit Kumar Shah

Ankit Kumar Shah
Ankit is an astute product marketer with a knack for bots and virtual assistants. He is a platform expert at Kore.ai and has spent more than 5 years working in the Conversational AI Space. Ankit is a tech enthusiast who has a flair for generating assets related to AI / ML products.

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Kore.ai Virtual Assistant Platform Release 8.0 - Yet another giant leap in conversational AI

Listen on the go!

Technologies like AI and automation are the backbone of the fourth industrial revolution. They...

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Kore.ai Virtual Assistant Platform Release 7.3. We Got What You Asked For!

In the last three to four months the world has seen so much change that people are adapting to new ways of living. ...

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Kore.ai Bots Platform Version 7.1 unveils Developer and User Friendly Features

The adoption of chatbots is increasing, so is its rate. Enterprises today not just concerned about lowering their...

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How Kore.ai BOTS Platform Release v7.0 enables a better user experience

Chatbots are changing the way users interact with enterprises. The users want their queries to be resolved not just...

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