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Reimagine Your Contact Center Experience With SmartAssist

It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention. More than any other development in the recent past, COVID-19 has driven home the need for self-serve/automated assistance to improve customer experience through various digital channels. It has created a sense of urgency that’s driving organizations to explore new tools/solutions that facilitate instantaneous interactions and enable them to respond proactively and meet the ever eluding goal of delivering the highest possible customer satisfaction. As call centers and customer support functions collapse, unable to handle increased call volumes, with long wait times and dropouts leaving frustrated customers fuming, businesses are left with no choice but to desperately explore options to serve customers with immediate assistance. 

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70% of companies either have a digital transformation strategy in place or are working on one. 

Below is a sample of the rage customers are reacting with over their contact center experience - clearly indicating that things need an immediate fix. 

Current challenges in contact center industry

Could digital deflection pave the way for a better communication experience?

Let’s retrace a bit and try to construct the journey of a customer seeking redressal or support. The first choice of any customer seeking help during a financial or medical emergency is the contact center. When they connect to the hotline, it is with the expectation that the issue would be resolved quickly or the concern addressed appropriately. But as the call centers operate at a regional or state or national level, it is highly possible that many more customers may have a similar experience, so there are all waiting virtually in the IVR queue, struggling to get an audience with the agent. This scenario is quite the case across the industries and businesses; for example: 

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1. When a Bank’s Customer tries to reach out to the call center for a resolution on his failed transaction and 
2. An Insurance agent trying to register his complaint on behalf of his customer with the Insurer 
3. A healthcare back-office employee trying to mediate with TPAs to get funds credited to the hospital for the patient's claim

The end result, in most cases, is bitter experience and unhappy customers. On top of it, the sudden rise in the volume of inbound calls at contact centers is making life hell for agents and companies managing them. 

80% of companies believe they are delivering a superior experience to their customers, while only 8% of customers agree”

Given these trends, one interesting solution in sight is SmartAssist.

SmartAssist facilitates you with a user-friendly dashboard to set up and deflect your calls within a short span of time. Developed with a feasibility to integrate with your IVR/s it enables you to manage and divert calls to alternative channels dynamically with predefined business rule intelligence methodology ensuring customers get the right responses faster.

Intelligent automation in contact centers

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In addition to right channeling, it helps you interact with customers through multiple channels to increase the first call resolution percentage. With In-built capabilities, it gives you access to chat and call logs which a traditional call monitoring software cannot. This enables you to work uniquely on scenarios that suit customers without having to engage them with agents all the time.

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