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Examples of Chatbots and AI in Media and Entertainment Industry

A Whole New World The industry is ever evolving with music, films, gaming, OTT media gaining momentum. The role of a conversational chatbot is of...
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Reimagining Customer Experience with Conversational AI

Industries are betting big on Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially Conversational AI, to expand their customer base and reduce operational...
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How Chatbots are all set to Transform the Travel Industry

The Age of the Smart Traveller is here We live in the age of transformation. The digital wave has made its way in every aspect of human life. From...
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Utilizing the Untapped Potential of Chatbots in Telecom

Just like a wide array of industries that it’s invading, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made its way through the telecom industry as well. Most...
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Chatbots in Sales: A Step Towards Getting The Most Out of Your Sales Endeavors

AI-powered chatbots have triggered immense growth of some of the businesses in the past few years. It is assumed that by 2020 almost 75% of the...
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Kore.ai BOT Builder v6.4: Improve What You’ve Built!

Bots are in action everywhere from handling queries on various banking activities like balance check, transactions , availing loans to...
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Top Use Cases for AI enabled Chatbots in Banking

In recent times, machines are getting smarter across the globe. The thriving power of Artificial Intelligence is making it possible for industries...
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AI Chatbots show they can vastly enhance ITSM delivery

Smart homes and voice-controlled personal assistants have become ubiquitous - making their way into our daily lifestyles quite seamlessly....
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6 Practical Uses of AI-Powered Chatbots in HR

Within the corporate world AI chatbots are becoming commonplace: most businesses are increasingly integrating them into their enterprise systems....
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How Chatbots Elevate Your Bank's Digital Transformation Efforts

Banks in the era of digital disruptions are highly reliant on technology to deliver enhanced customer experience. Banking conglomerates across the...
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