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Kore.ai Bots Platform Version 7.1 unveils Developer and User Friendly Features

The adoption of chatbots is increasing, so is its rate. Enterprises today not just concerned about lowering their expenses and improving the net...
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Emergence of Enterprise Virtual Assistant

Last week, over a coffee I met John, a fellow Team Lead whose team is building an enterprise product using cutting-edge technologies. Most of the...
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How Conversational AI Makes HR Awesome and Cool

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5 Ways Chatbots Can Help Retail Banking Sustain Next Big Recession

When the global banking industry was hit with one of the biggest recessions ever back in 2008, the retail banking sector bore the brunt of the...
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Providing Unprecedented ITSM Experience with the Power of Conversational AI

In the era of Instant food, instant remedy, instant messaging, “Instant everything”, wouldn’t people expect the same from IT Service Management as...
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A Handy Guide on How to Drive Tourism with Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the world and how we live. This includes a crucial aspect of the majority of our lives - travel and...
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7 Ways Conversational AI Transforms the Digital Marketing Landscape

Whenever you think of Conversational AI, your mind will straightaway take you to a storytelling scenario involving robots and more such machines...
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8 Creative Ways to Make Your Chatbot Stand Out from the Crowd

Joseph Weizenbaum was a pioneer on many counts. True, he was the genius who demonstrated that you could build software programs that simulate...
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5 Ways to Build Enduring Brand Loyalty in the Era of Chatbots

Chatbots are gradually becoming an essential component of a successful business’s marketing mix. One of the crucial reasons for their continually...
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Is AI-written Content a Future of Digital Marketing?

It’s a common opinion that AI will never be able to replace humans in jobs that require a great deal of creativity. Writing is a great example...
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