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7 Ways Conversational AI Transforms the Digital Marketing Landscape

Whenever you think of Conversational AI, your mind will straightaway take you to a storytelling scenario involving robots and more such machines that have the capacity to think and carry out basic human tasks. But today, what started as a part of fiction is now a standing reality, thanks to the perpetual technological innovations!

Shifting away from the realms of fantasy, Conversational AI are now a complete system capable of performing tasks that usually require human intervention. In digital marketing, chatbot is termed as a method of leveraging technology that is employed to improve the journey of the customer. More essentially, AI-powered chatbots are used to boost the ROI (return on investment) on the marketing campaigns laid out by organizations. 

Conversational AI today has become a top-notch technology that can also be used to automate all such processes that were once heavily depended on humans, such as content generation, web designing as well as pay per click ads (PPC).        

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So how you can incorporate Conversational AI into Digital Marketing:

Artificial intelligence is all set to revolutionize the digital marketing arena. Mentioned here are some of the ways indicating how Conversational AI is changing the digital marketing landscape with effective marketing strategies. Take a look-

1. Customer Analysis

Conversational AI can automatically gather insights and other information such as key data points, track purchasing patterns , analyse habits of the customers. They can also store information on the types of questions being asked and the complexity of those questions, allowing you to be better equipped to answer future questions or upsell those customers with additional products.

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2. Customer engagement and retention

Conversational AI-powered chatbots can engage leads in real-time. In fact, recent research from InsideSales.com shows that lapses between form submission and marketing or sales contact has a direct impact on whether leads are converted into customers’ also allow you to quickly and easily reach out to customers who may be at risk, and provide them with targeted messages, special deals, coupons, and other offers that convince them to stick with your brand.

3. Generating leads

Just as how Conversational AI can scan through big chunks of data to understand the user’s behaviour patterns, it can also analyse huge data blocks to help you find the ideal customers. Other than this, conversational AI- powered chatbots can also help businesses find potential leads in their customers. Moreover, it is effectively being used to sort through huge data reservoirs to carry out mundane or finicky tasks to speed up the whole information sharing process. With regards to recruiting, conversational AI enabled tools can help professional scan through the stack of CVs to find the ideal candidate for the job role.

4. Email marketing

One of the best ways NLP based conversational AI can help digital marketers is by shooting personalized email marketing campaigns based on the behaviour of the user. With the help of this technique, marketers can send emails that only get triggered if the customer carries out certain actions. Going beyond this, it also helps in personalizing content, which can further help marketers improve their email campaigns and maximize their results. In short, if used rightly, chatbots powered by conversational AI can help digital marketing professionals reach the right set of audience at the right time. The technology further makes sure that the content delivered is relevant, purposeful, engaging and is most likely to fetch in a conversion.

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5. Social media outreach

Conversational AI-powered chatbots help businesses scale social media efforts of the organizations by answering customer queries, delivering personalized content, and automating customer outreach. It can, for example, monitor social media profiles for new comments, likes, or messages, and respond in real-time by asking questions about their needs, by providing additional information, or by upselling your products to existing customers. They can also be used to connect landing pages and social media.

For example, when a customer registers for an upcoming webinar or other event, a chatbot could reach out to that individual via Facebook Messenger or other popular channel and engage with them in a meaningful and personalized way – increasing the likelihood they will actually attend and, eventually, convert. Conversational Ai-powered bots allow you to maintain an active social media presence – without the associated time or cost.

6. Brand mention monitoring

Conversational AI can seamlessly integrate with existing brand tracking software, allowing you to quickly and easily monitor ongoing discussions about your brand online, gain a clearer understanding of how others interact with your brand’s products or services, and allowing you to uncover new reputation management opportunities.

7. Personalized marketing

Though it may take more effort to obtain and maintain a personal connection with customers, research shows that people who feel an emotional connection to your company are far likelier to purchase your products and champion your brand. Traditional marketing, however, is often insufficient to build trust and affinity or create customer advocates.

Conversational AI provide a more “human” way for brands to engage with prospects and customers. Chatbots powered by conversational AI can use the information gathered from your website, back-end systems, and past interactions to provide personalized experiences and to suggest products that closely match a user’s interest level, background, and needs.

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Final verdict

The benefits of integrating artificial intelligence in your day to day business are unending. Since conversational AI is now easily accessible to all the organizations, it has irrefutably become an integral part of the digital marketing team of a company. The technology fully aims to provide precision in executing some of the most tedious tasks, while offering relevant search results to make better decisions. If you are on a lookout to grow your brand or product and meet the expectations of your customers, artificial intelligence is the way to go. To know more about conversational AI, you can get in touch with a good agency that offers customized digital marketing services..

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