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Using Conversational AI for Remote Employee IT Support Part 2

Author: Meher Pratap

Deploying remote workers can be difficult for IT leaders and teams to support. Let’s examine how this process can be streamlined with the help of conversational AI. The IT industry accounts for about 8% of all jobs, according to the Commerce Department, and 94% of organizations are facing these same challenges to support operations and retain top IT professionals. For just a small amount of work, significant value and cost savings can be realized.

Let’s examine this in more detail.

In part 1, we talked about the importance of an ‘Anywhere Operations’ mindset and organizations that are able to successfully make this shift will be well-positioned to take advantage of uninterrupted IT and remain competitive in the future. This trend has immense disruptive potential and organizations are experiencing increased flexibility, resilience, reduced costs, and improved employee experience at the same time because of it.

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Making Uninterrupted IT Anywhere a Reality

Now let's take a look at this from a scale perspective. If your business is spread across the globe with multiple offices and a diverse workforce, how will you know if Conversational AI is the right solution for you? 

Is it possible to have uninterrupted IT anywhere? 

What are the metrics you should look at? 

Or How do you know if your conversational AI deployment is effective? 

We’ve put together a simple framework that helps make uninterrupted IT anywhere a reality. Aptly named D.I.E.T., this transformation framework will showcase how you as a leader can understand if Conversational AI is right for you. 

You can use this model as a starting point to vet, compare, and understand how conversational AI technology matures over time to address the growing IT needs of your employees and organization. 


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D - Delight is the name of the game

Employees often have repetitive queries, most of which can be resolved with an automation-first approach. Your transformation story begins here, by automating the ‘low-hanging fruit’ with a virtual assistant that intelligently automates critical IT workflows and layers it with human friendly conversations. The goal here is to reduce workloads for agents by making the virtual assistant answer simple, repetitive queries to prevent the creation of unwanted tickets. 

These intelligent virtual assistants promote self-service by connecting your data sources, knowledge bases, and comprehensively organizing your FAQs. You’ll be able to automate up to 80% of IT workloads with conversational AI powered IT assistants, and free up time for agents to deal with more complex and advanced issues. This means gracefully transferring issues to live agents when employees test the limits of your assistant or come up with complex issues, and delighting employees with seamless experiences that make service delivery more accessible. 

I - With great Integrations comes better service coverage

A big part of the ‘anywhere operations’ strategy is to deliver service availability wherever your employees are. Shift employees from multiple touchpoints to a single service window on any channel they’re using. These intelligent virtual assistants are able to offer the experience and connection of a desk visit but over chat. You can offer smart suggestions for the most common questions and enable self service on multiple support channels that puts IT service on auto-pilot. 

Conversational AI-powered virtual assistants eliminate manual data entry and forms by capturing details on the fly. Engage with your workforce proactively and send them updates about downtimes, outages, health checks, or other items. Automatically generate answers from unstructured and siloed sources like knowledge repositories, guides, documents, PDFs, community answers, FAQs, and more using generative AI to deliver unfettered service delivery across your organization. Contextually solve issues pertaining to access, password resets, incidents, requests, ticket updates, approvals, and much more conversationally with virtual assistants.  

E - Extend your enterprise for better experience outcomes

Uninterrupted IT starts with making service more accessible and cutting down on wait times and delivers a more exceptional service. The ideal customer support journey stops when an employee is unable to find resources for an issue. With virtual assistants at play, an employee is always a step away from finding an accurate, relevant answer or resource that can solve the problem. Built on top of your existing infrastructure, conversational AI powered virtual assistants use existing APIs to facilitate automation and knowledge discovery. 

This means that organizations do not have to go through the painstaking process of migrating their operations to a different platform just to access virtual assistants. Conversational AI powered assistants extend your enterprise to deliver stellar, always on service with a personal touch. Using topic and sentiment analysis, pre-trained intents, and out of the box integrations - virtual assistants can bring much needed context across multiple channels and platforms to make sure no query goes unanswered. 

T - Transforming IT for today, and tomorrow

Employee queries come in all shapes and forms, and no two queries are ever the same. Most AI deployments fail because their simple chatbot fails to understand employee queries. Leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) and a variety of advanced NLP tools, Conversational AI powered assistants can understand queries with pin-point accuracy and best of all, they’re self-learning and improving at scale. Organizations can deliver hyper-personalized interactions with employees because the virtual assistant  understood the context beforehand. 

If an employee is able to get access into applications they are locked out of, follow-up on reported incidents and tickets, reset passwords, request items, and get notified about ongoing and future events, based on just their login details - then you’ve successfully transformed your IT for today, tomorrow and the future. While the long-term gains are more geared towards operational efficiencies, Conversational AI in its current form makes uninterrupted IT for anywhere operations a seamless reality. 


Benefits of using the D.I.E.T model for IT Transformation

Being an innovator today is all about making bold choices, and the benefits of adopting transformational technologies will put your organization on the forefront for years to come. The ‘anywhere operations’ mindset is key to ensuring uninterrupted IT operations and having Conversational AI in the mix will only result in better outcomes. 

Here are a few benefits of adopting this model: 

Increased Agility and Flexibility - Prepare for uncertain times and quickly adapt to changes. Operate seamlessly in multiple environments without compromising on employee productivity, satisfaction and experience. 

Improve efficiency and Reduce Costs - When you deflect up to 80% of your IT issues, there is a significant cost saving implication. Automating workflows and consolidating workloads increases employee productivity and leads to business efficiency. 

Builds resilience into your IT Operations -  Understanding problems that matter the most to your workforce and future-proofing your self-service initiatives makes scaling easy. Being able to rapidly adapt and operate seamlessly with self-learning and improving assistants boosts the overall morale of your workplace. 

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