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AI Chatbots show they can vastly enhance ITSM delivery

Author: Anirban Guha

Smart homes and voice-controlled personal assistants have become ubiquitous - making their way into our daily lifestyles quite seamlessly. According to Gartner, it is estimated that by 2020 an average person will have more conversations with an AI chatbot than his or her own spouse.

But how many of us realize that enterprises now are increasingly adopting them for improving their business processes. A Gartner Report opines that business and IT leaders are stepping up to leverage a broad range of opportunities offered by AI-powered chatbots as they are expected to transform the technological landscape across enterprises and homes.

Business leaders are gradually realizing the benefits of machine learning technology and AI chatbots in IT service management (ITSM). But the main issue lies in the fact that even the most tech-savvy individuals don't completely know how to fully implement the chatbots to improve ITSM.

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One of the key areas where chatbots will come to play a critical role is ITSM, which requires complicated assistance and is labor intensive. Companies that have implemented chatbots for ITSM have witnessed tremendous benefits in terms of:

  • Decreasing the ticket raises by 65%

  • Reducing phone calls and call durations by 40%

  • Improving response time by 35%

  • Improving employee productivity by 20%

  • An overall reduction in the operational costs

How are chatbots relevant in this case?

Chatbots can provide quick answers to the questions posed by employees without any human intervention. They can even order products and services without a real person helping them out. However, not all chatbots are created equal. Bots programmed to address only specific questions or tasks are incapable of reducing the volume of calls.

Virtual agents are chatbots that can result in more dynamic interactions and are effective to accomplish a number of goals. ML, Fuzzy Logic, Distributed Compositional Semantics, and Ontological Engineering are some of the technologies they use for more efficient interactions with humans.

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Benefits of chatbots in ITSM to employees 

Employees demand simple access to IT related services at varying locations as well as across different kinds of devices. According to HDI: a company has to spend more if an end user has to spend 10 or more minutes on a self-service portal. When AI enables people to resolve their own issues, its usage can be considered successful. The key value of technology lies in presenting smart and valuable suggestions.

And as employees provide their feedback after using AI chatbots in ITSM, the technology presents a wider scope of improvement with time. The effectiveness rating of this technology by employees makes it more intelligent.

AI chatbots and IT Service Desk: 5 Use Cases

1. Getting the most value out of the existing manual resources

From the service desk to the planning of resources, the smartness of desk agents increases. It has the capability to provide an estimate regarding how much the workload is going to be in the future. This helps an organization divide the tasks among employees and bots, and decide the ideal services requiring combined efforts.

2. Enhancing decision making and IT support

By combining previous data showing the success rate of similar situations in the past, the AI chatbots can greatly improve the decision-making process of an organization. Prediction of future trends in the IT sector can also greatly benefit from the use of AI chatbots in ITSM. It can estimate the intensity of the need for IT personnel in the future and support according to the demands in the field.

3. Supercharging of self-service in IT

Besides intelligent searching, there are other use cases in this context. In order to deliver greater accuracy in search results, previous successes can be taken into account. This can directly offer the self-service to the end user. It also eliminates the need for the user visiting the self-service portal. Chatbots can also be employed in offering automated solutions to problems and providing users with a better interface.

4. Proactive improvisation of services

This can include both the services that the IT desk offers or the services the consumers avail from the organization. Predictive analytics are capable of identifying issues that might come up in the IT sector. After identifying the issues, chatbots can also offer a solution.

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5. Enhancing customer experience

From improved self-help services to better IT service desk solutions, AI in ITSM offers it all. The AI can also analyze the sentiments of the users by gaining knowledge of how they are feeling about a particular product or service. This, in turn, enhances the overall customer experience.

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