5 Reasons You May Develop a Stronger Connection to Your Business Systems

By Praveen Nair, Sr. VP of Product Management

Our reliance on apps has become second nature, but we’re still used to seeing technology as just a tool. Natural Language Processing (NLP) could breathe new life into how you interact with the apps you deal with daily. It is piqued to radically change how people connect, how deals are made, and how days are spent.

1. Bots actually work with you.

Instead of rote, sequenced actions to accomplish a task within the rigid frame of an app’s interface, NLP-powered bots work to learn how you operate.

Simple statements like “Schedule a meeting with the partners” represent deceptively complex actions that bots can respond to and conduct fluidly. The bot learns your language, relays your needs between the proper apps to complete your tasks, and accomplishes them for you. Bots provide a streamlined service that elegantly acts on your behalf.


2. Your time becomes a priority again.

It’s a given that NLP bots would save time by eliminating the need for you to interface with multiple apps to accomplish a string of tasks. But that’s just the start.

Your apps can be updated sooner and the custom systems you build can be brought to market faster. That’s because NLP allows developers to cut the time it takes to build an app in half by eliminating the time-consuming GUI element. You also save time with fewer updates to the apps you rely on.

3. Bots can be everywhere, any time.

You can create better customer service even when you’re not able to reach customers face-to-face or over the phone. Rely on the bot to conversationally engage customers throughout every stage of the sale.

The bot navigates seamlessly through different channels to serve customers’ needs more efficiently and effectively. It offers proper context for apps to reduce repetitive requests that are known to alienate customers. You’ll not only understand more about your customer, but you also give them an improved experience that’s responsive in real time, not predicted ahead of time.

4. You get relevant information, at the right time.

No matter what device you’re on, bots find you in the right place at the right time to deliver notifications when they are most conveniently actionable. This can strengthen your momentum to accomplish more.

They call them “push notifications” for a reason. Existing technology is often a nuisance about notifications. When they’re haphazardly delivered, things can get disorganized quickly. With NLP, the system learns and respects your process, offering support at the moment it’s required. This eases your activities and also eases the tension of competing tasks.

5. Business is more personal.

Bots can form unique personalities that acclimate themselves to react accordingly to you. From keeping up a joke to reading social cues, the bot can make tasks more enjoyable.
Through advanced NLP, bots can infuse vibrancy in your day-to-day routine by providing light conversation. They assess your emotional state to improve communications when you’re feeling frustrated or annoyed. It’s an evolved way to add depth to daily business, and the same experience extends to your customer.


As we see technology become more like a partner and less like a utensil, both sides of the enterprise will benefit. That’s the moment when you’ll begin to build a stronger relationship with your business systems and see better outcomes for your employees and your customers. Learn more by downloading our eBook, Chatbots 101.

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