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Announcing Workplace Experience Optimization Solutions to drive extraordinary employee experiences

At a time when companies around the world are making the shift to distributed, digital work environments, there is a significant and growing need for solutions that support this new way of work. More than ever, engaging employees where they are—and in the channel of their choice—for efficient support and contextual collaboration is essential for businesses to thrive in the digital era.

In fact, IDC forecasts that, by 2021, the contribution of "digital coworkers'' will increase by 35% as more tasks are automated and augmented by technology. IDC also predicts that, by 2024, enterprises with intelligent and collaborative work environments will see 30% lower staff turnover, 30% higher productivity and 30% higher revenue per employee than their peers.

With this firmly in mind, Kore.ai set out to help businesses optimize their digital workflows and create a better employee experience—all while driving exceptional business results.

And we’re thrilled to introduce you to the solutions we’ve built.

Today, Kore.ai proudly launches the world’s most comprehensive suite of AI-native experience optimization solutions for workplace collaboration and productivity. These solutions include WorkAssist, an AI-first unified digital workspace for the modern workplace, along with HR Assist and IT Assist, AI-first employee support-as-a-service conversational AI based solutions for HR and IT Service Management (ITSM) respectively.

These Experience Optimization solutions for employees unify and organize data assets to power contextual collaboration for your enterprise. Industry-first capabilities include:

WorkAssist: An AI-first unified digital workspaces for your employees to aggregate and organize data assets and applications in collaborative workspaces and enable object-based collaboration on the data including task assignments, discussion rooms/chats, meeting workspaces and collaborative documents organized in knowledge bases. In addition to collaboration capabilities, WorkAssist also includes an universal/master conversational AI intelligent virtual assistant which enables actions on the data in the workspace itself thereby helping employees manage all their tasks and calendars and execute enterprise knowledge base search with omnichannel accessibility and bi-directional integrations via APIs with back-office apps. The solution is extensible by adding virtual or process assistants or additional search skills built on the Kore.ai Experience Optimization Platform

HR Assist: A pre-trained, intelligent virtual assistant that solves routine HR questions, acting as a force multiplier for your HR teams. HR Assist improves employee engagement with purpose-built tasks, reduces response time and helps deflect calls/emails, allowing your human resources teams to focus on business priorities and complex support needs.

IT Assist: Automates IT support functions with conversational AI. The pre-trained, purpose-built virtual assistant improves employee engagement, productivity and satisfaction levels. IT Assist frees up your support and help desk staff so they can focus on critical tasks by automating workflows for high-volume but low-complexity tasks. The end result is decreased ticket loads and the elimination of duplicate tickets, while an omnichannel presence allows employees to engage via email, SMS or messaging platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Slack.

With the rollout of these employee-centric solutions, Kore.ai is taking experience optimization (XO!) in the workplace to a whole new level. With business data at the center of all collaboration and conversational activity, Workplace Experience Optimization solutions enable your enterprise to improve the speed of business on a global scale.

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