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Author: Meher Pratap

Today’s workplace is hybrid, not just in name but in nature. Providing employees with the flexibility to choose the best environment, whether they want to be at home, or in the office, or anywhere in between means a storm of challenges that isn’t the easiest to navigate. 

Companies that are willing to offer long-term career opportunities, support in terms of balancing work and personal life and tools that help employees excel at their job are observing higher levels of loyalty, productivity and significant improvements in their bottom line. 

Employees want an employer who understands what it’s like to be a millennial, Gen-Z or Gen-Y worker. And above all, they want a company where they can be themselves at work.

With the lines between personal and professional life blurring ever so fastly, businesses need to change the way they think about their employees and employee experience. 

But, what is it that employees really expect from a hybrid workplace? What are these tools that build brand stickiness and deliver productivity gains from the workforce? How can you, as an employer, improve your employee experience? 

Let’s explore the key drivers of employee experience and the tools that put you on the right course of action. 

Key drivers of employee experience

Your employees are your most invaluable assets. To protect and grow your assets, you must understand the compendium of elements that form the core of your employee experience strategy.

Driver How Why
Employee Engagement Being where your employees are is the top sutra for top-notch employee experience. Tools with omnichannel and multilingual capabilities means none of your employees will ever be left out of a conversation. The higher the engagement rates, the better the organizational outcomes like customer satisfaction, retention, annual revenue, and overall performance.
Conversational AI When you remove the barriers between humans and machines, productivity soars. Thanks to natural language processing + understanding, conversational AI is powering millions of conversations on a daily basis. Conversational AI streamlines communication between employees and employers from hire to retire. Be it org-wide announcements, or having one-on-one’s with your superiors, or just taking notes from a meeting, AI does it all.
Automations and Workflows Automating mundane work breathes fresh air into your employees workday. Workplaces see a boost in productivity, and quality of both work and life when employees focus on higher value tasks Empowered employees are highly performant and fuel the accelerated growth of your organization through their skills and contributions.
Culture and values Employee-centric culture where good values, respect, ethics, and integrity thrive, improve the employee experience at the workplace and make work more meaningful. A high-performance culture has preset job expectations and outcomes, and also rewards for good performance. Employees aligned to the workplace have long-term organizational growth goals naturally.

With that out of the way, let’s find out what are the ‘right’ tool/s to build a workplace with excellent employee experience and outcomes.

The right tool, what a dream?

Every person has their own opinion of what is the “right” tool.

The pessimist will say “no such thing as the right tool”

The optimist will say “lets give this tool a chance, I know it's painful but it works

The pragmatist will say “this is the right tool for us… right now… until we move on to better tool for our future needs

So how does one go about picking the right tool? 

A right tool should address the 360° concerns of an organization. Something that is scalable, secure, reliable, and borderline low maintenance while delivering high ROI. 

This is not something a hopscotch of tools can solve, irrespective of individual benefits. 

What you need is a platform that does it all. 

Conversational AI platforms for employee experience 

Legacy tools are shrouded with layers of complexity leaving your agents to firefight the situation and also manage the product. This leads to agent fatigue and frustration, impacting productivity and ultimately delivering less end-user acceptance. They certainly cost you more than just money.

Conversational AI platforms deliver high quality and highly accessible technology that make streamlining your workplace a complete breeze. Acting as a natural extension of your tech stack, organizations can derive maximum value both in terms of experience and investment. 

Here’s what a conversational AI platform can do for your business. 

  • Decrease reliance on IT assets/consultants 
    • Conversational AI platforms come equipped with no-code tools that are intuitive, out-of-the-box, and highly configurable environments that don't require a village to implement - now or in the future. 
  • Extend your existing tech stack to other lines of business
    • Legacy tools aren’t the most friendliest when it comes to extending service to other lines of business like HR, Facilities, Legal, etc., AI helps to bridge silos and extend benefits to achieve operational efficiencies and deliver exceptional employee experience. 
  • Integrate and scale with ease
    • Merge business processes and integrate with your digital infrastructure with low-code APIs that can be easily customized and deployed. Automate workflows and processes that help relieve your employees from mundane tasks and help them focus on work that matters. 
  • Understand your employees
    • Unlock productivity with every conversation. Leveraging state of the art natural language processing + understanding, organizations can improve the employee experience conversationally. Leave no employee behind by understanding every query and helping them find the relevant information or solution.

Tools can only solve procedural problems, but to solve human problems you need conversational AI. 

Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise, AI can aide your workforce with instant, precise, and accurate service at all times. And investing in AI will always pay it forward.

Who is the best conversational AI vendor on the market?

Kore.ai is the market leader in Conversational AI platforms

The right tool to deliver exceptional employee experiences with its intuitive and scalable no-code platform. 

With state of the art AI and ML capabilities, and cutting edge natural language processing + understanding, Kore.ai helps organizations ease your employee workload by automating mundane work. Its flexible and scalable enough to be used by both: companies that rely on legacy systems in hybrid environments, and modern enterprises that run completely on the cloud. By deflecting repetitive requests, speeding up resolution times, and improving access to systems, Kore.ai can streamline service management across all business lines and verticals. 

We’ve helped organizations reap the benefits of Conversational AI by reducing upfront Capex, improved ROI, shorter payback period, speedy deployments, and greater agility. 

Check out our latest whitepaper to understand how conversational AI can transform your employee experience.  

Ready to transform your employee experience story? 

Get in touch with our experts who can help you pick the right tools for the job. 

Or DIY it yourself with a free trial to experience conversational AI at its full force.

Visit kore.ai for more information. 

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