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Kore.ai Emerges as a Leader of Conversational AI Platforms Landscape with its Experience Optimization Platform

The Orlando-based company is Named a Leader in the first-ever Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms 2022.

There’s a reason why Gartner reports are taken seriously. A leading tech analyst firm, Gartner usually monitors a specific technology very early on - right from its initial conceptual stages, and maturation and tracks the overall evolution and market adoption for many, many years before it makes any pronouncement. 

Over this period of time, it publishes various reports beginning with Cool Vendors, Hype Cycle, Competitive Landscape, and finally, Magic Quadrant. The Magic Quadrant for a specific technology is one of the topmost sought-after reports for it analyses the overall market, profiles leading vendors providing that technology, and provides guidance on where these vendors stand in terms of their overall vision and ability to execute on that vision. 

Although chatbots have been here for a long time now, Conversational AI or enterprise virtual assistants have become a strategic choice for large enterprises only in the recent past. According to Magnus Revang, the lead author of MQ ECAIP, “For a long time, there were no strategic choices in the market. With Covid, however, this started to change. We have seen a growth of a subcategory of platforms. Platforms capable of not only building chatbots and virtual assistants easily but operationalizing them within business units - offering no-code tooling for non-developers and non-data scientists. This is what we call Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms.“

What goes into creating a Magic Quadrant

This is the first-ever Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms. The work began almost a year ago. Over 100 vendors were invited to answer the initial 22 pager survey. Scrutinizing from that and making the criteria stringent, only 21 made it to the cut in the final evaluation process. It took several discussions, evaluation through a number of survey answers, platform demonstrations covering a wide range of use cases, customer feedback and customer surveys, and a dedicated briefing from each of the vendors. Assessing the inputs and data received from and about each of the vendors, the Gartner MQ team ranked them all on critical capabilities and plotted them on Vision and Ability to Execute.




Kore.ai has been named a Leader in Gartner's first-ever Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms published last week. Of the 21 conversational AI providers evaluated for the Magic Quadrant, Kore.ai has been recognized for its “Completeness of Vision” and “Ability to Execute”. 

Kore.ai’s enterprise-grade, the no-code platform enables even business users, non-developers and non-data scientists to leverage conversational AI technology to easily build conversational user interfaces, virtual assistants and process workflows for a variety of use cases involving customer experience and employee experience. By demonstrating a complete vision and an ability to execute, Kore.ai leads the pack in terms of innovation, platform features, and overall viability. 


Raj Koneru,
Founder and CEO of Kore.ai.

“Conversational AI will be foundational for any kind of customer experience management, employee interaction and automation of the future,” said Raj Koneru, Founder and CEO of Kore.ai. “Given the increased thrust on delivering real-time digital experiences, the need for self-serve options, hyper-personalized services, and consistent omnichannel and multilingual engagement, companies are adopting this technology further across all industry verticals. Kore.ai has taken a lead in defining the priorities of this space through our no-code Experience Optimization (XO) platform.”

With an average 4.8 out of 5-star ratings by the customers, Kore.ai is one of the top-rated Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms in the Gartner Peer Review insights

“Kore.ai placed inside the top two for both its vision and ability to execute. In achieving such an impressive ranking, Gartner highlighted the vendor’s market understanding and enterprise support, market traction, and product capabilities as notable strengths. Supporting all major channels and use cases, Kore.ai’s large portfolio of Conversational AI offerings leads the field,” wrote Charlie Mitchell, a senior editor at CX Today.

The platform is used by 200+ Fortune 2000 companies across the globe for implementing a wide range of customer experience and employee experience use cases leveraging the platform's critical capabilities  

- Natural Language Understanding, Channel Integrations, Voice Capabilities, Dialogue Management, Prebuilt Industry, and domain models, Backend System Integration, Agent escalation and seamless handoff, Learning and continuous improvement, Analytics, Bot orchestration, Bot life cycle management, Enterprise Administration, and others.

“Enterprise conversational AI platforms automate multiple chatbot use cases within the enterprise, creating bots that are orchestrated and operationalized across multiple business units. Application leaders responsible for conversational AI should use this Magic Quadrant to evaluate suitable vendors,” Gartner suggested in the report.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for the Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms provides valuable information for business leaders looking for technology solutions that best meet their current and long-term needs. 

What's inside the report

In the report, you will learn:

  • An understanding of the enterprise Conversational AI platform market 
  • A deeper explanation of what these platforms can accomplish for large enterprises
    – the ability to build virtual assistants easily, operationalizing them within business units and offering no-code tooling for non-developers and non-data scientists 
  • An assessment of vendors and why Kore.ai is named a leader

Get access to the full report here

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We thank the entire Kore.ai team for its dedication and to our customers, partners, investors, and all the well-wishers for their continued belief, support and guidance.

With Kore.ai Experience Optimization (XO) Platform, we help global enterprises increase their speed of doing business and create extraordinary experiences by automating their customer and employee business interactions.

If you have questions or want to discuss how conversational AI platforms and solutions can be implemented for your specific use cases, we are here for you. Let’s get talking.

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