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Highlights of the Biden-Harris US Executive Order on AI

President Biden has issued an Executive Order that outlines a comprehensive strategy for advancing the responsible development and use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the United States. This order aims to address various aspects of AI, including safety, security, privacy, equity, consumer protection, worker support, innovation, and global leadership. 

Here are some of the key highlights:

New Standards for AI Safety and Security

  • Developers of powerful AI systems must share safety test results with the U.S. government.

  • Standards, tools, and tests will be developed to ensure AI systems are safe, secure, and trustworthy.

  • Measures will be taken to protect against the use of AI for dangerous biological materials

  • Efforts will be made to detect and authenticate AI-generated content, preventing AI-enabled fraud.

Protecting Americans' Privacy

  • Prioritizing support for privacy-preserving techniques in AI development.

  • Funding research to advance privacy-preserving technologies.

  • Evaluating and strengthening guidelines for how agencies collect and use commercially available information with personally identifiable data.

Advancing Equity and Civil Rights

  • Providing guidance to prevent AI algorithms from exacerbating discrimination.

  • Addressing algorithmic discrimination through training, technical assistance, and coordination between relevant agencies.

  • Ensuring fairness in the criminal justice system by developing best practices on AI use in various areas.

Standing Up for Consumers, Patients, and Students

  • Advancing responsible AI use in healthcare and education.

  •  Protecting consumers while enabling the benefits of AI in products.

  • Supporting educators deploying AI-enabled educational tools.

Supporting Workers

  • Developing principles and best practices to mitigate the potential harms of AI for workers.

  • Studying and identifying options for strengthening federal support for workers facing labor disruptions from AI

Promoting Innovation and Competition

  • Catalyzing AI research across the United States.

  • Promoting a fair, open, and competitive AI ecosystem.

  • Expanding the ability of skilled immigrants and nonimmigrants to study and work in the US.

Advancing American Leadership Abroad

  • Collaborating with other nations to support safe and responsible AI deployment.

  • Accelerating the development and implementation of AI standards with international partners.

  • Promoting responsible AI development abroad to address global challenges.

Ensuring Responsible and Effective Government Use of AI

  •  Issuing guidance for agencies' use of AI to protect rights and safety.

  •  Facilitating faster and more efficient procurement of AI products and services.

  • Accelerating the hiring of AI professionals within government agencies.

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