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Enabling more value in your Service Now Deployments with Kore.ai’s IT Assist

In the fast-paced world of Information Technology, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) grapple with various challenges that impact their efficiency and effectiveness. Kore.ai's IT Assist solution is designed to address these pain points and empower CIOs and their IT teams to deliver superior service.

This blog explores how Kore.ai IT Assist enhances IT Service Management (ITSM) services by reducing tickets, automating critical processes, improving communication, and seamlessly integrating with ITSM and other systems.


Reducing Tickets and Enhancing Self-Service

One of the top challenges for CIOs is managing a high volume of support tickets. Kore.ai IT Assist tackles this issue head-on. It proactively monitors for global outages and downtime, conducts real-time health checks on hundreds of applications, and empowers users with self-service capabilities. By providing instant access to knowledge and automating issue resolution, Kore.ai’s IT Assist reduces the need for creating tickets, saving both time and resources.


Streamlining Automations

Access management is a pressing concern for IT departments. IT Assist streamlines access management by automating the entire process across various Identity and Access Management (IDM) systems like Okta, Azure AD, Ping, and more. This means that user access issues and requests can be handled efficiently, reducing the burden on IT teams.

IT Assist seamlessly integrates with Endpoint Remediation Systems (ERS) like Nexthink and Intune, allowing for end-to-end automation after diagnostics. Routine automations are executed without human intervention, freeing up IT staff for more strategic tasks.

Additionally, enabling use cases that are inter departmental like employee onboarding, offboarding and new asset request include approval process automation.


Automation Discovery and Continuous Improvement with Co-pilot capabilities in the platform

Kore.ai IT Assist comes equipped with an advanced automation discovery tool that actively identifies new opportunities for automation. This continuous improvement approach ensures that the IT department stays ahead of evolving challenges. The platform's Co-pilot feature simplifies automation creation, making it a self-evolving capability that outperforms traditional solutions.


Enhanced Employee Communication

Effective communication within the organization is critical. IT Assist offers a robust employee communication and announcement framework. CIOs can use the IT Assist workbench to send important announcements through preferred channels of communication. Engaging templates encourage employees to take action promptly.


Universal Bot Architecture and Seamless Integration

Kore.ai's universal bot architecture facilitates orchestration, extension, and customization. This means that complex tasks involving multiple systems can be streamlined. For instance, the onboarding process for a new employee can involve orchestration between HR, Procurement, Finance and IT bots interacting with HRMS, procurement systems, and ITSM systems. The Workbench allows administrators to manage and extend the bot easily.


Extensive Integrations

Kore.ai IT Assist offers out-of-the-box integrations with a wide range of ITSM, IDM, contact center, and collaboration tools. This enables the assistant to orchestrate tasks across multiple systems, streamlining complex processes. With the Service Mapper Tcool feature, over 100 integrations can be seamlessly added.


Advanced Search Capabilities

In addition to its automation and communication features, IT Assist boasts powerful search capabilities. It can ingest documents, websites from various sources, including SharePoint, Google Drive, and Amazon S3 storage. This enables quick access to critical information, further enhancing self-service options and problem-solving efficiencies


Kore.ai IT Assist: A Revolutionary Solution for CIOs and IT Experts

Kore.ai IT Assist is a game-changer for CIOs and IT departments, offering a comprehensive solution to address their top pain points. By reducing tickets, streamlining automations, improving communication, and seamlessly integrating with existing systems, IT Assist empowers IT leaders to deliver enhanced value in their current service deployments.

In conclusion, IT Assist by Kore.ai is the answer to the evolving challenges faced by CIOs in the IT industry. It not only optimizes ITSM services but also transforms the way IT departments operate, paving the way for greater efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

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