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How Bots Will Make Every Conference Cutting-Edge

By Tara Benyousky, Director of Solutions and Vertical Marketing Bots Take on Finovate

Counting down the days until FinovateSpring 2016? That’s a good indicator that you’ve already calculated the moves it will take to get there. You cleared your calendar. You budgeted for the expenses, accounting for any impact on productivity in your absence. You booked your flight and registered, taking time out of your day to plan your trip.

You’ve checked all the necessary boxes. It feels good. Now imagine how much better it could be with an intelligent virtual assistant, or bot, to take on these tasks for you. Each time a conference beckons, you’d have bots booking flights, crunching numbers, coordinating your schedule, updating contacts. It’s a simple solution to a series of needs, and it’s available for you, your customers, and every enterprising business.

At, our bots are powered by advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP). Using artificial intelligence and computational linguistics, the bots turn your to-do list into actionable conversation.

If you’re planning to attend FinovateSpring 2016, we hope you’ll join us May 10-11 in San Jose, California. We’ll show you how the latest advancements in NLP technology can transform every conference experience by maximizing efficiencies and simplifying your administrative agenda.

More Time Translates to More Opportunity

Instead of dividing your time among apps to accomplish tasks – from filing expense reports to updating Salesforce – the bot listens to your needs, understands them, and smoothly operates across multiple channels. This can help you cut a clear path to every conference or trade show you wish to attend. It can open your schedule to network, spark opportunity, and enjoy the show.

Better Conversations Beyond the Conference

The benefits of attending trade shows are numerous. You discover new technology, you meet new people, and you refresh your industry perspective. When you toggle between events and work responsibilities, it’s a rigid shift from socializing with colleagues to clicking icons on a screen. It’s critical to follow through to turn new contacts into lasting connections, but the effort can get in the way of efficiency.

With NLP bots, you can communicate with your workflow just as you do with your new contacts, creating a natural flow for everyone involved. This ease of connectivity extends beyond the conference.

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Putting Personality into Digital Personal Assistants

Talking to a bot to accomplish tasks is one thing. Talking with a bot to evolve its understanding of your workflow is entirely different. NLP bots read human emotions and customize their interactions with you. They essentially learn not only what you do in your work, but how you work best. It’s a new dimension to the digital personal assistant that explores daily.

That utility carries into the enterprise workforce in equally compelling ways. When bots are implemented in your daily routine, their worth will compound as they create room in your schedule to achieve more. That includes, of course, the opportunity to make time and spare expenses for future trade shows. The rewards promise to cycle in step with your sales.

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